Art and inspiring words are powerful ways in raising your energy frequency as you  shift your focus and attention onto the vivid colours, images or words within the art you can feel the colours and images come alive. The sensory perceptions increase and the healing power of art helps the mind, body, and spirit.

Since I was Inspired to create art two years ago, I've received personal requests to create intuitive art for others and to make my art available to buy as

Fine Art Prints.

My collection of art prints can be purchased here in high definition, Giclee Fine Art Prints on 310gm art paper.


I often create several versions of the same piece that may include inspired words or additional images. Which one are you drawn too?

  • Print size options may vary on each piece - Click on art for details

  • Printed in high definition, Giclee, Fine art paper on 310gm 

  • Colours are bright and vivid