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Spiritual Tree of Life

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

On the eve of New Year’s Day, I felt inspired to draw my version of the Spiritual Tree of Life.

While reflecting upon the New Year, I thought about all my loved ones, and outpoured my love through the creative expression of drawing The Tree of Life.

Creative expression through art, or any creative process, be it writing, or singing creates potent energy, as you remain open-hearted you gain inspiration. In my Tree of Life as you'll see below has unusual branches symbolising rebirth and new growth. The tree represents life's many cycles, and in my tree the branches are full of hearts representing all the people I love with a wise bird sitting at one end of branch.

As I continued to draw, two owls came to life, each sitting on opposite branches of the tree, but facing each other. I instantly felt this symbolised me and my sister. My sister loves owls, so its significant to both of us. I also felt a special affinity with owls and could feel the strength and protection of the tree.

My Tree of Life transpired by taking a life of its own! As you gaze gently over the imagery, you will come across other images that I have not mentioned. They are blended into the tree. Can you see them, or feel for something beyond the visible eye?

Every year in autumn we see how the tree's shed their leaves, leaving their branches bare, but then when the conditions are right, new growth appears with fresh leaves replacing the dead.

In our own lives each year brings change too. The Tree of Life symbolises love, rebirth, transition, renewal, knowledge, growth and abundance.

Without change their can be no growth, and turning a new leaf in our lives is part of our growth.

The Tree of Life represents Mother Earth and we can feel the Creator through trees and all of nature.

By meditating on the Tree of Life, you can experience energy healing, gain clarity, peace and inspiration.

You do this by sitting quietly, let your eyes gaze over the healing art below, taking some deep breathes. Stay in the moment, let all thoughts go. Focus on your breath and your heart centre. While keeping your gaze on the picture, feel the energy healing emanating from the imagery. Feel, or just know that you are tuning into a higher vibration that's infused with love, healing, peace and joy.

Whatever you seek, may your heartfelt desires manifest in Your Tree of Life

Spiritual Tree of Life - by Hattie Kiamil

Sister's Tree of Life - by Hattie Kiamil

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