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"Divine Tree of Life" Features at Saatchi Art Gallery in Chelsea London

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The inspiration for Divine Tree of Life began while taking gratitude walks in nature. I do this by keeping an open heart and staying attuned to our Source of being, God, the Universe, Angels and guides. They are shinning their light brightly upon us and my artwork represents their presence in my artwork.

While walking in this higher state of consciousness, I feel the presence of Divine power fill my heart and mind with immense love. In this higher frequency I feel intuitively guided while creating my artwork.

As a healer my artwork is imbued with energy healing. The viewer can feel the energy by gazing at the images and colours, or by practising gazing art meditation you will feel uplifted and raise your vibrational frequency.

In my walking meditations, I am also intuitively guided to take photographs of the trees and of nature. My photographs usually reveal beautiful lights of energy. This is the energy of Spiritual, Angelic beings. They appear as light-beings, and can change shape and form, but usually they appear circular or oblong. These light-beings are part of Source energy, they are an extension of Gods light and holds a powerful vibration of pure Love.

After my meditation walks, as I continue with the rest of my day, when ever I reconnect with the images of the light-beings, I feel up-lifted and even moments of euphoria fill me.

I realised that once this connection is made with the light-beings you can attune to their high frequency energy by reconnecting with them later on. You do this by meditating on their light which is very peaceful, balancing and healing. The light-beings can also assist you in all areas of your life.

Light-beings include Angels, Spirit guides, and Ascended Masters who connect with us through our higher state of consciousness. They can manifest as light, for light is electromagnetic energy, making it easy for Angels and Spirit to move, travel, and change shape with no restrictions. They are helping humanity and trying to save us from destroying our planet and each other.

The light-beings are helping us to awaken, they connect with those who are ready to ascend in consciousness. Despite all the chaos in our earthy realm, there are many of us who are raising our consciousness in Oneness with Divine consciousness. When we are aligned to our source of being, we experience all that's good and help others too.

My Divine Tree of Life artwork was inspired by the Spiritual, Angelic Light-beings. My artwork includes angels of healing, good fortune, love and protection. Also, includes spirit guides, and Ascended Masters. They are shinning their light brightly upon us and my artwork represents their presence in my Divine Tree of Life.

Do you see, feel and connect with the light-beings or do you want to? You can in staying receptive through your open heart and mind.

Hattie Kiamil
Divine Tree of Life - Featured in Saatchi Gallery

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