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Island of Ascension

In this piece of artwork as you gaze at all the elements start by allowing yourself to be the mountain. The mountain is strong, and still, it can weather all storms, and hurricanes. How can you find stillness in the middle of chaos? Be still, and see yourself as the mountain, or on top of the mountain gaining a higher perspective. See yourself flowing like the streams and waves of water in this artwork of deep blue sea. If you are experiencing resistance and anxiety its very likely that your going against the tide. This can leave you feeling exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Healing art meditation is good for your mind, body and spirit, and will leaving you feeling energised, inspired, calm and on top of everything.

I named this artwork Island of Ascension because besides being a piece of healing art that I use as part of my meditation practices, this piece of artwork is like a doorway into a new world, a world where you can create your own reality, gain a clearer perspective, and can be an awakening experience by gaining intuitive insight and wisdom. Island of Ascension can become your sanctuary, where you feel freedom and your prayers are heard.

Guided art meditation enables you to feel and receive energy healing, while learning to tap into all the elements within my artwork like the moon, sea, mountains and feel yourself in-between the trees that take you beyond into a place of your own imagination. A place of peace, healing, growth, abundance and seeing and feeling yourself ascend above and beyond all your dreams.

Healing Art
Island of Ascension - by Hattie Kiamil

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