Healing Effects of Hattie's Art

Staring at healing art for five to ten minutes is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Depending on the healing art you choose to stare at, you will either feel uplifted and energized, or calm, relaxed and peaceful. Healing art can also increase your intuitive senses and connect you with your higher mind and it’s a great stress buster and pain reliever. I recommend saving your healing art on your mobile phone or tablet for easy access.

The method of using healing art requires no special skills just an open heart and mind. I often describe the method of practicing healing art or colour therapy as open eye meditation because it has the same benefits as deep meditation on the mind, brain and body which goes on to benefit your entire well-being, relationships and everyday life.

If you make it part of your daily practice to sit quietly for five to ten minutes and simply stare at a piece of healing art, you will feel the benefits by absorbing the healing colours and enlightening imagery into psyche.

Healing Art by Hattie Kiamil
Beyond This Reality

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