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Beyond Reality

Updated: Jan 10

Beyond reality is a healing art and a multi-dimensional experience. My selection of art, and photographs have been selected for their high frequency energy that imbues Love and permeates Love. As the viewer gazes upon the video clips below while listening to the healing music, feel the loving energy radiating from the images upon you. No matter where you are sitting or standing feel yourself being transported into the images and beyond.

In this meditative state your consciousness and aura will expand. The method of gazing art is an immersive and multi-dimensional experience, it takes you beyond your current reality and has a direct benefit upon your mind, body, and spirit.

How to Practice

While gazing at the video clips below allow your gaze to wonder and then hold your gaze upon wherever your eyes are most drawn too. You may see yourself as the landscape, the sea, mountains, rocks, crystals, sky, or you may connect with the persons in the images. Continue to see, and feel yourself elevated, and guided towards the highest dimensions.

My selection of artwork and photographs hold a high frequency energy because they were created with immense love. Love for the Divine, love for Mother earth and love for our greater good. All images hold energy, everything that we see, feel, hear and touch holds a positive or negative energy.

Let’s go beyond our earthy reality by manifesting our Divinely inspired destinies and where our individual consciousness and collective consciousness connects for the greater good of humanity for more love, peace, wisdom, good health, inspiration, abundance, and happiness. Where do you see yourself beyond reality?

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