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Eye of The Universe

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

In my drawing named, "Eye of the Universe" inspired by my daughter Si-Si's blue eyes, it symbolises the light we draw in, and the light we reflect to the world. The more light we take in, the more we radiate love, peace, and healing. In our eyes we hold potent healing energy, as we maintain inner peace, we project this outwardly into the world and into the universe.

Receptive souls can sense the true essence of another, for when we look into someone eyes we can truly connect with their soul. The eyes never lie.

We may not always need verbal communication with someone, our eyes can do all the talking, as from the eyes we can radiate potent life-force to whoever our vision is directed, know that a kind, loving look, a smiling gaze will have benefited the one who has received it.

As our eyes shine and beam their light of love, we repel all darkness and become one with

"The Eye of The Universe", our source of being.

Healing Art - Eye of The Universe

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