Healing Art -Awakening of The Lotus Flower

Updated: Apr 8

Inspired by the lotus flower I intuitively painted three exotic lotus flowers upon a blue lagoon with the Divine elements of Water, Earth, and Sky.

A Lotus flower symbolises wisdom, and to grow the lotus flower must rise up from beneath the muddy, dark waters. The dark, muddy waters is a good metaphor for the lower human mind, and the obstacles we face in life.

My artwork depicts three lotus flowers rising from beneath the muddy waters of darkness upon the blue waters where it reaches the sunlight. The lotus petals begin opening one, by one. We are like the lotus flower, as we rise leaving behind the darkness we grow in beauty and by living in the light we raise our consciousness.

My method of painting is a spiritual one, I always begin with meditation and draw upon the in-pouring healing energies from my crown chakra and I project that energy from my heart centre into my art.

If you practice doing art gazing you will benefit from feeling the healing energies that comes through my art to you. To do healing art gazing prepare by expanding the image on your screen, sit upright and close your eyes, while focusing on your natural breath. When you are fully relaxed, open your eyes and gaze at the healing art. Let your eyes draw you first to the centre, hold your gaze on that spot. As you gaze softly, you have narrowed down your focus, all thoughts become still. You are now one with the healing art. Repeat again, this time let your gaze go to another part of the art.

The more you practice doing healing art gazing the more you will feel attuned to the healing energies within you, and around you. You may do this practice for ten to fifteen minutes, or longer.

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