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A Vision of The Angel of Love

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The very first day that I began drawing the Angel of Love that very evening I dreamt of a beautiful celestial being that appeared to me, she looked lovingly at me as though she had known me for eternity. In my dream I felt I knew her, but from where? Then in my dream her face became more vivid. It no longer felt like a dream, it felt like I was being given a vision. As I became aware of the Angel's strong and powerful presence, I was able to make the connection, she is the Angel from my drawing!

The Angel appeared to let me know she is behind my inspiration and she is right here!

The potent power behind healing art is that everything is energy, and the artist's imprinted energy is infused within the art. As an energy healer I project healing and love into my art, this has a powerful effect on me while creating the art and the viewer can experience this as they observe the art. The inspired images and colours of my artwork are healing, uplifting and soothing.

The joy of sharing art is that the artist has their own perspective of their art and the viewers have their own interpretation. When we connect with a piece of art, it’s like connecting with the author of a really good book.

Angel of Love

To experience energy healing through my artwork, I recommend doing the described open eye meditation. Sit quietly, take some deep breathes, softly gazing over the artwork, allow your mind to go quite and still, continue to softly gaze where your eyes take you. You'll begin to go into a relaxed meditative state, If your mind wonders off to other things continue taking some deep breathes and stay in the present moment. Let yourself meld into oneness with the artwork until you feel the colours and images come alive. When you feel fully relaxed set the intention to heal anything unbalanced within you, or your life, and release any stress, or problem you may have in that very moment. I recommend doing the energy healing for at least 15 minutes. 

Energy healing can always be reactivated through out your day by remembering to take deep breathes and bringing yourself into alignment with the images of my healing art. Also, at the end of your energy healing, if you are seeking guidance for anything, just surrender your question while gazing softly at the art, and then close your eyes for five to ten minutes. Re-open your eyes, repeat if you like. Just know that a answer will come, either through your intuition, or another way, as you've set the intention to receive an answer. The universe will find away to help you hear, see, or know the answer to your question, or to receive the guidance that your seeking. 

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