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Giving is Receiving & Ask, Believe & Receive

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

God blesses me, to be a blessing, to live an abundant life and to be a blessing to others.

The more blessed you are, the greater blessing you'll be.

"Saint Frances said, it's in giving that we receive"

What-ever we are projecting outwardly, we come to experience it, so when we offer prayers, or thoughts of peace, healing and abundance for our loved ones, those in need, or for our planet, we are experiencing that peace and healing too, this is the law of the universe, what ever we give out, returns.

Likewise, those who knowingly, or unknowing project angry, critical, or resentful thoughts about others, are harming themselves. Even if you feel wronged by someone, its better to surrender it to God, so that you can receive healing and strength to move on. All words,thoughts and feelings hold energy that is stored in atmosphere and collectively in the cosmos. This is where the universal law applies, what comes around, goes around. The energy frequency we put out, we are also a magnet for! good or bad.

Ask, Believe & Receive

The average individual sees the world through a filter of separation, they see the world through their human senses. The more your in the ego, the more you'll experience fear, it's all about getting.

When you begin each day by aligning yourself with your source of being, with the Creator, you go beyond the sensory realm and you enter into a field of where you see through insight, not eye sight. You become in-tune with everything on the invisible level, experiencing life from a higher spiritual perspective while enjoying your physical earthy experiences.

Many of us desire to become more prosperous so we can make a difference in the world, especially by doing the work we love. When we cannot see tangible changes to our desired goals, it's easy to fall into the lower mind, and think thoughts such as, l'm just not good enough, I will never make it, its just a dream. Everything begins with a vision, never give up!

Ask by praying, and believe by taking inspired action towards developing your skills and talents.

A singer, dancer or actor cannot practice their art once a week and expect to find success in the field of music, dance, or film. The same is true if your interest's are in commerce, accountancy, fashion, beauty, carpentry and so on. Keep learning, reading, writing, sharpening your tools of creativity, doing what your inspired to do, and success will follow by cultivating and developing your attributes.

As you continue working on your what you love to do, your prayers perfectly align with your actions. Your inner knowing (faith) knows there's a higher power at work. Its the universal energy, that is God, your spirit guides and the Angelic realm. So remember to Ask, Believe and you will Receive. In this higher state of being, your open and receptive to receiving inspiration and help towards attaining your desired goals.

Prosperity that comes through this spiritually inspired method is long lasting because you are always working with a higher power. When riches are obtained through the competitive plane, very often there is a Godless struggle of power over others, bringing out the worst characteristics in many. When the thing you fear losing most is your power, or wealth, it's often the very thing you come to face, as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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