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For my friend Chithra - Divine Love

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

"Divine Love" was inspired by my friend Chithra after she asked me to do a painting especially for her. The beautiful woman of colour in my painting depicts Chithra's higher self. The angel feathers whirling around the ends of her long black hair are letting her know the angels and her loved ones in spirit hear her prayers, that they are guiding her in Divine Love. The pink, white and yellow circles depict God's infinite power moving within her, around and beyond her.

Above her head Divine rays of light stream down into her consciousness and she awakens to the Divine power within her. She spreads this Divine love through her heartfelt intentions and prayers upon all people, upon Mother earth and the entire universe.

Viewers will feel the love emanating from this piece of art by gazing at the pink circles and spirals that depict a portal of sacred energy and by gazing at Chithra with her hands in prayer. Viewers will also raise their own vibrational frequency as Divine love flows into their mind, body, and into their lives.

I love hearing the interpretations of what viewers see, and feel while looking at my art. When we connect with a piece of art we connect with the artist, and the story behind the art. Viewers often observe that after gazing at my art they feel a state of expanded awareness. This is the power of healing art.

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