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Enlightening Photographs & Open Eye Meditation

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

When taking walks in nature I'm often inspired to take photographs of nature and of other images that spiritually draw me to their enlightening energy. Some of my photographs reveal spiritual, angelic light-beings that appear as orbs of light. Spiritual and Angelic orbs can reveal themselves onto digital film, giving us the opportunity to receive their healing-light, and their enlightening messages.

The orbs of light, hold and emit divinely guided intelligent energy, and they radiate at very high frequency. They are here to help raise the consciousness of humanity, and their light helps to heal our planet.

Many of my photographs include the sun, as Light is a living Spirit that comes from the sun and establishes a direct relationship with our own spirit.

In sharing my enlightening photographers they help the viewer to gain peace, insight, inspiration and healing, especially by practising the method of Open Eye Meditation.

To practice Open Eye Meditation begin with sitting comfortably in a quiet space, take some deep breathes while looking over the selection of enlightening photographs below. Then select one of the photographs that you are instantly drawn too. Allow your gaze to sink into the images and colours within the photograph. Hold your gaze where ever your eyes are drawn too. You will begin to feel yourself falling into a meditative state. When you do, close your eyes for awhile, then reopen them again, and go back to holding your gaze over the images in the photograph.

If your mind wonders off to other things continue taking some deep breathes and stay in the present moment. As you do, you will meld into oneness with the colours and images. You will feel the images coming to life.

Repeat this method several times, or for around twenty minutes.

The energy from the photographs are enlightening, filling your consciousness with unconditional love, peace, inspiration and healing.

While practising Open Eye Meditation you will naturally increase your intuitive and psychic gifts. Stay aware of receiving insight and guidance, trust your intuition when this happens.

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