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Energy Healing Release's Blocks In Your Life!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It’s that time of year again as we approach mid-October, just three months till the end of this year, and the end of a decade. It’s a key time for releasing situations, people and habits that no longer serve us well. It's also a very good time to focus on our aspirations, taking action where needed and completing things that you've been holding back on. In this high frequency energy we move into the new decade with a clear mind-set, and good intentions.

The time is also good in releasing any blocks that have stopped you from achieving your desires, whether that's because of poor health, unhealthy habits, toxic relationships, or any fears associated with making changes. One of the most common blocks I come across with my clients is that they feel stuck, unable to move forward in their relationships, career, finances or in business. We all hold certain beliefs that are programmed within us from childhood that can hold us back to a certain degree. Some of our beliefs are so ingrained deep in our subconscious that it makes it difficult to shift and release the blocks holding us back from living fulfillingly abundant lives.

In response to these energy blocks I use the method of energy healing to help release them.

Any blocks we experience in life such as attracting a loving and supportive relationship, to manifesting abundance, and receiving good money for doing the work we enjoy is determined by your energy frequency and beliefs. Energy healing brings to the surface what needs to be healed, while the healing is directed at releasing the blocks you hold within you. Once these blocks begin to dissolve the positive shift takes place in your well-being and life.

Below I have listed three of the most common energy blocks that people experience.

  • Blocks in relationships - such as reoccurring problems - or blocks in ending a toxic relationship

  • Blocks to abundance - such as in your career, business or in doing the work you love and getting paid good money for it

  • Blocks to healing your mind and body - energy healing will enable the healing process, a shift takes place, allowing the mind and body to unify in harmony

My healing practice is based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 and I also provide phone and Face-Time energy healing sessions. To discuss please book a 15 minute pre-chat by contacting me on 07969558805 - or email me

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