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"Cloud 9" The Healing Power of Art

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

"Cloud 9" a second version created from my original piece.
In my artwork "Cloud 9" the house represents our physical being where our soul resides while here on earth.
The dynamic sky and flowers represents Divine presence all around us.
The white steps that lead towards the golden sacred archway represent the steps we take in life that elevate our growth both personally and spiritually. Those who reach the top of the golden archway are spiritually evolving, they are wise and their light shines brightly on others and upon the earth. Those who ascend beyond the golden archway are the enlightened souls.
The artwork is speaking to you personally.
By zooming into the images go to where your eyes are drawn then holding your gaze softly and listening with your heart what do you hear, feel or sense?
"Cloud 9" was created with lots of love and joy and you can draw upon this energy to feel joy, healing and love. You can also draw upon the higher realms for guidance, healing, strength and inspiration by just focusing your attention on this piece of art for 10 to 15 minutes.
Whenever you choose to look at "Cloud 9" with an open heart you will raise your energy frequency to uplift your mind and spirit. This is because the energy that went into creating this artwork is imbued with love and it permeates love, healing, joy and inspiration.
There are three versions of "Cloud 9" below is the second version created specially for my friends son Jamal who recently turned 9. The second version above was personalised for my grand-daughter Lia-May. The first version can be seen on my previous blog post or via my Healing Art page.

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