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Angel of Love, Peace, Health and Abundance

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

In my latest artwork the inspiration is a wonderful lady named Alison, a long time family friend. Alison, is a very special individual in so many ways, compassionate, kind, intelligent and tenacious. Despite Alison's ill health she's often smiling and joking. She's always happy to help others even though she faces many challenges of being a carer her entire life.

Alison, is a loving, dedicated mother and carer of two amazing boys, who've grown up into wonderful, loving men, and very loving sons.

Alison, doesn't hesitate to share with us how she regularly talks to her Angels and how she feels the Angelic realm helping and guiding her on a daily basis. Alison is an earth Angel herself, she reflects angelic qualities as a carer, a wife, a friend and she radiates this light into world.

When Alison asked me to create a piece of artwork depicting an Angel, I was inspired to intuitively create the artwork below.

While drawing I felt the Divine presence and Angelic realm filling my heart with unconditional love that is expressed in the creative outpouring that's gone into drawing the Angel of Love, Peace, Health and abundance.

The high frequency energy of the Angel drawing can be felt by anyone who remains receptive through their open heart and mind by sitting quietly in open eye meditation. Simply allowing your eyes to go where-ever the images take you in the drawing. Letting go of any thoughts that may arise. Staying present, allow the Angel drawing to come alive, feel the energy healing from the drawing fill your mind, body and soul. Taking occasional deep breaths through the noise and out through the mouth. Relax, staying in this peaceful place for 10 to 15 minutes, longer if you like.

The viewer will feel joy, love and raise their consciousness as they connect with the spiritually inspired images.

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