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Aisha, The Five Year Old Afghan Girl Found Asleep By The Roadside

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Deeply moved by recent news reports of a five year old Afghan girl found asleep by a busy roadside. So touched by her plight and those of all Afghan children, I created this piece of art depicting the heart-breaking story of little Aisha who collects plastic bottles off the roads to earn some money. She represents so many other Afghan children just like her. My depiction of Aisha reflects poverty and despair, yet there is hope symbolised by a super sun beaming its Divine rays of light upon her.

The sun rays beaming down on Aisha represents the love, generosity and kindness of others. Through giving in anyway we can, donations large or small, or by sponsoring an orphan helps to transform lives.

Together we are collectively the rays of light shining brightly and miraculously upon the lives of children like Aisha.

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