Abundance - Through The Law of Nature

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

My healing work is often based around the laws of nature and I’ve often been asked to share my experience of creative process of manifesting. My experience is that there is great power in connecting and honouring The Laws of Nature in which you activate The Laws of Abundance into your life.

The purpose of nature is the advancement and unfoldment of life and we should all have what contributes to our personal and spiritual growth, to experience the fullness of life.

See how the Laws of Nature bring to life from a tiny seed, tall, strong trees, and how all of nature renews its self, from season to season with new growth. A seed is the potential of what it will become when planted in the earth. We can learn so much from nature by planting our seeds of belief through our active conscious power.

When there is no conviction of consciousness, or lack of identity, there is little or no growth. The consciousness within the soil and rocks remains in dormant form. Therefore, when we believe in what we ask for, as powerfully as a sunflower seed, or acorn tree knows its own identity – we can do anything. We are like the seeds in the soil. We are like the many branches of a tree, we all come from the same source, Universal consciousness.

When we make the most of ourselves, we continually experience growth, for in our growth we can help others more and Nature is always showing us how.

Carry within your mind a seed of your perfected plan, a vision of your most heartfelt desires and know beyond all doubt that by laying the seeds of conviction, you have advanced yourself, in full preparation for your growth. See yourself branching out like the strong branches of a tree and continue laying the the ground work in your everyday life. Your seeds of consciousness will begin to appear as new growth, or a new beginning, and you’ll begin experiencing the fruition of your heartfelt desires.

Picture taken in Broomfield Park by Hattie Kiamil

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