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A Gift From The Ancestors

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

In my latest piece of art I was inspired by an experience my brother had while recently visiting Cyprus. Our parents had moved from Cyprus to the UK back in the early 1960's, I was only two at the time, my sister Mey was six, and my brother Mus was eight years old. Mus holds very happy memories of his early childhood in the village we were born. Mus recently went back to visit the village in Cyprus, there he saw the house we were born in and although the house looked derelict, it was still standing. The shop that our dad once ran his business as a cobbler, also still stands, though the doors are permanently closed.

Our house had a very large court yard, it was once filled with the scent of jasmine, mingled with a colourful array of flowers, and surrounded by beautiful trees. As Mus stood outside the court yard there was no trace of the beautiful nature that once surrounded our home, but his sweet memories flooded his mind. He could see our grandparents, and our dad, just as though they were alive today.

He could see his childhood friends, our young mother, and relatives, he could feel the love and joy he shared in those early years. Mus saw himself back on the farm with his grandparents who taught him so much about the land, growing produce and lovingly rearing animals. This was an emotional walk back in time as he felt his ancestors everywhere he looked. That evening Mus couldn't sleep, then suddenly on his hotel balcony at appears a white pigeon. The bird just stayed on the balcony, and every so often the pigeon looked Mus straight in the eye!

Mus is a very down to earth person, and he’s very practical, so later in the morning he asks hotel staff if they normally have pigeons around the hotel, they said no. In fact, the cleaners said that in all the years they've been working there, they have never seen a white pigeon.

After Mus’s chat with the staff and having had his breakfast, he goes back to his room to find the pigeon is still sitting on the balcony. By now Mus has left his room several times since breakfast, every time he goes back the bird has not moved. By this time Mus is sending me and my sister pictures and videos of this beautiful white pigeon. Mus finally leaves his room at and the bird was still there when he was leaving.

I knew in my heart this was a gift from our ancestors, they were letting Mus know that his emotional walk through the village earlier that day had connected him with them. They sent the white pigeon to let him know they love him dearly, and that we are always connected to those we love.

My brother Mus's experience inspired me to create this piece art with all my heart, and as love is the most potently powerful energy in the entire universe, when art is created with great love, that love is imbued within the art. The receptive observer will sense this energy, this is the power of healing art.

The angelic face in the sky represents the ancestors eternal spirit, and the white pigeon is

A Gift from the Ancestors. To experience energy healing through my artwork, I recommend doing the described open eye meditation. Sit quietly, take some deep breathes, softly gazing over the artwork, allow your mind to go quite and still, continue to softly gaze where your eyes take you. You'll begin to go into a relaxed meditative state, If your mind wonders off to other things continue taking some deep breathes and stay in the present moment. Let yourself meld into oneness with the artwork until you feel the colours and images come alive. When you feel fully relaxed set the intention to heal anything unbalanced within you, or your life, and release any stress, or problem you may have in that very moment. I recommend doing this energy healing meditation for at least 15 minutes. 

Energy healing can always be reactivated throughout your day by taking deep breathes and bringing yourself into alignment with the images of the healing art. Also, at the end of your energy healing, if you need guidance, or an answer to a question, just ask from your heart while gazing softly at the art, then close your eyes for five to ten minutes. Open your eyes and repeat if you like. Just know that a answer will come, either through your intuition, or another way, as you've set the intention to receive an answer. The universe will find away to help you hear, see, or know the answer to your question, or to receive the guidance that your seeking. 

In Cyprus
My brothers picture of The White Pigeon

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