Healing Art Meditation 


When we connect with a piece of art we connect with the artist, and the story behind the art. Viewers often observe how they feel an expanded state of awareness and a heighten state of well-being whilst gazing at my art. All my artwork is intuitively inspired and each piece has a unique story behind its creation which I share on my blog page.


I have included some of my healing photography which captures Divine, Angelic beings of light. 

By holding your gaze on a piece of art or photography you not only connect with the uplifting imagery and healing colours, you can feel the love and healing that went into the art and by intentionally holding your gaze, you will feel that loving and healing energy emanating to you personally. 

You can do this through the method of healing art meditation which I also teach in my Divine Life healing group sessions.

Below I have included some of my healing art, look below and see which piece of art your eyes are instantly drawn to, then click on the image to expand. Sitting comfortable in a quiet space take some deep breathes while softly gazing over the art, then let your mind go quite and still. Continue gazing over the various colours and images, then feel yourself falling into a meditative state. If your mind wonders off to other things take some more deep breathes and stay in the present moment. Now meld into oneness with the piece of art until you feel the colours and images come alive. When you feel fully relaxed set the intention to heal anything unbalanced within you, or your life, and release any stress, or problem. Now close your eyes, staying in this peaceful state. I recommend doing the healing art meditation for at least 15 minutes. 

At the end of your healing art meditation, if you are seeking guidance for anything, just surrender your question while gazing softly at the art, then close your eyes for five to ten minutes. When you open your eyes just relax and know that an answer will come either through your intuition, or some other way because you've set the intention to receive a solution.

Throughout your day you can reactivate the healing energy by taking deep breathes and bringing your focus back to the healing art or enlightening photography.