Healing Art Meditation 

My artwork is a creative expression of the Divine and of Divine nature. As a spiritual healer I infuse every piece of art with the energy of love, and my artwork symbolises Divine power, spiritual awakening, healing, peace, angels, guides, light-beings and enlightenment. I love hearing the interpretations of what viewers see, and feel while looking at my art. When we connect with a piece of art we connect with the artist, and the story behind the art. Viewers often observe how they feel an expanded state of awareness whilst gazing at my art. My artwork is spiritually inspired and each piece has a unique story behind its creation.

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When viewers observe my art they feel love and peace emanating towards them. This is the power of imagery and energy healing.  

To experience energy healing through my art, I recommend doing the described open eye meditation.

Firstly, look below and see which piece of healing art your eyes are drawn to? select the one you instantly connect with. Then click on the image to expand. Sitting comfortable in a quiet space take some deep breathes, softly gaze over the art, allowing your mind to go quite and still. Let your eyes wonder over the various colours and images. Keeping your eyes open, feel yourself falling into a meditative state. If your mind wonders off to other things continue taking some deep breathes and stay in the present moment, as you do, meld into oneness with the art until you feel the colours and images come alive. When you feel fully relaxed set the intention to heal anything unbalanced within you, or your life, and release any stress, or problem. You may now close your eyes. Just stay in this peaceful state. I recommend doing the healing art meditation for at least 15 minutes. 

Also, at the end of your healing art meditation, if you are seeking guidance for anything, just surrender your question while gazing softly at the piece of art, then close your eyes for five to ten minutes. When you open your eyes just relax, know that  an answer will come, either through your intuition, or another way, as you've set the intention to receive an answer. The universe will find away to help you hear, see, or know the answer to your question, or to receive the guidance that your seeking. 

Energy healing can always be reactivated throughout your day by taking deep breathes and bringing yourself into alignment with the images of the healing art.


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