Welcome to Divine Life with Hattie

Hattie has been practicing as an intuitive energy healer since 2005 and after completing the Reiki level III teacher training course she began providing healing sessions and teaching Reiki. In the last three years Hattie has developed the gift of creating healing art. Her creativity is inspired through meditation, prayer and by attuning to Divine energy that she expresses within her art.


Hattie teaches the Power of Healing art, a visually powerful method that supports those on the path to healing, and personal, spiritual growth.


Hattie also provides Divine Life healing groups, gives talks, and teaches the techniques of energy healing, and how to manifest through the power of healing art, and imagery. 


To learn about booking any of the above with Hattie please contact: 07969558805. 

What Is Reiki and Energy Healing? 

Energy healing is a method of tapping into lifeforce energy known as Prana, or Chi in eastern cultures, and directing the energy into the body's chakras for total well-being.

Lifeforce energy or Chi emits vibrant, bright colours that can be seen around the aura of the body by those who have the gift to see. Chi energy also has a high vibrational frequency, and sound. When Chi becomes disturbed, stagnant, imbalanced, or depleted then disease and illness begin to take form. The auric energy field around the body also becomes darker and discoloured and the meridians (energy-pathways) and chakras within the body become blocked.


When we are blocked within ourselves, we also become blocked in our everyday lives, that's why there is nothing more important than healing any physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks to live a healthier, more fulfilling and abundantly inspiring life.