Welcome to Divine Life with Hattie, healer and intuitive artist who loves the healing power of art and words.

I've been practising energy healing since 2005 and completed the Reiki Level III master healer, teacher training in 2010. Energy healing simply means tapping into lifeforce energy, known as Prana or Chi in eastern cultures, and directing the energy into the body's chakras.

Lifeforce energy or Chi emits vibrant, bright colours that can be seen around the aura of the body by those who have the gift to see. Chi energy also has a high vibrational frequency, and sound. When Chi becomes disturbed, stagnant, imbalanced, or depleted then disease and illness begin to take form. The auric energy field around the body also becomes darker and discoloured and the meridians, (energy-pathways) and chakras within the body become blocked.

Today, I can tap into Divine energy healing instantaneously and direct the 

the Divine energies through prayer, meditation, and heartfelt intention to wherever its needed. I also draw upon the Divine energies intuitively into my writing, painting, speaking and everything else I endeavour to do.​ This is how I create intuitive art.  

A Free healing consultation can be booked by Telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.

 Hattie on 07969558805.